1. The employees are great

    I started going to this office last year. The employees are great. They make you feel like they've known you for years. Dr. McMath is has helped me deal with my back pain and my shoulder issues. He is pleasant and answers any questions you may have. I would never go anywhere else.…Read More

    Diana McDonald
  2. Feel very comfortable recommending this office

    Came here on my daughter's recommendation....so glad that I did!! I love-love-love Dr J. She is very intuitive, professional & dead-on....got relief.... & my confidence after my 1st visit.  Also, the staff at front desk are very professional & helpful & seem genuinely concerned. Fee…Read More

    Philomena Jenkins Todd Bowen
  3. I’m ever so grateful

    I had my first visit with Dr. Poff yesterday. I have a herniated disc in my neck, and I have been in a lot of pain and facing surgery. I was petrified of going to see a chiropractor as I was afraid they would accidently make my situation worse. Dr. Poff acknowledged my fears, and talked me through e…Read More

    Mandy Schmelter
  4. I highly recommend going to Lakeview Chiropractic

    I first saw Dr McMath about 6 years ago when I felt something in my lower back "pop" and I could barely move. He worked wonders and I felt better very quickly. Then I stopped going because I live 40 minutes away. Recently my back has gotten progressively more and more sore until it hurt just to stan…Read More

    Kristen Youngblood Koveck
  5. Does a great job

    I have been going to Dr J for many years and all she has to do is watch me walk into the room to know what she needs to work on! She does a great job, is painless and professional. I am my body's own worst enemy, and she always puts me back into good working order!…Read More

    Jan Silk
  6. I recommend Lakeview Chiropractic to anyone

    Suffered for years with an old injury; going to several Chiropractors and Physical Therapy sessions. Dr. Pesta was recommended by a friend who said she has seen marvelous results after treatment. Dr Pesta is professional, caring, and knowledgeable and after a few visits I too have seen marvelous res…Read More

    Arnie Koontz
  7. Dr. McMath and ALL of his staff are very kind, caring and friendly

    First let me start by saying that Dr. McMath and ALL of his staff are very kind, caring and friendly. Always an upbeat experience. Now let me stress the fact that when Dr. McMath or any of the staff recommends a thoracic foam roller - DO IT!! I brought one and didn't use it right away, it sat in my …Read More

    Janet Ruggirello
  8. Dr. McMath takes his time & is very thorough

    I'd heard about this office from a friend & finally called. Wish I would've listened years ago. So professional from the front desk (always welcoming & willing to answer any questions) to his assistants (very knowledgeable) to the doctors (I always feel like I'm the most important patient). …Read More

    Sue Warner Fagan
  9. Thank you Dr McMath

    Thank you Dr McMath and staff for getting me in today. Even though I didn't ask you to, the staff found time to work me in so I didn't have to wait in pain. I am extremely grateful for your care.…Read More

    Sheryl Colby
  10. Truly helps ease the pain

    Dr Poff is my hero... I have fibermialga... He truly helps ease the pain... He takes his time with my adjustments... My body doesn't always let me relax for adjustments.. He is so patient and calm, relaxing…Read More

    MariJoe Lynch