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Laser Therapy in Port Huron & Marysville

person getting laser therapy on kneeAt Lakeview Chiropractic PC, we combine a wide range of natural services with skilled chiropractic adjustments to give you a better experience of healing. Our laser therapy decreases pain while increasing healing, leading to a faster and more comprehensive recovery. Dr. McMath uses a safe Class 3 cold laser to give powerful results you can trust.

The Healing Power of Light

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) significantly accelerates and enhances the body’s natural defense and repair mechanisms. This therapy works by using specific wavelengths of light to stimulate certain cell receptors.

This service can help with sports and workout injuries, joint injuries, swelling, sprains, strains, and inflammation. LLLT provides pain relief, reduces the damage from injuries, helps the body regain function, and facilitates damaged tissues to heal stronger and more effectively. clients who undergo this therapy also report an increased range of motion and flexibility.

Superior Technology for Enhanced Wellness

We use the longer 830 nm infrared wavelength. Clinical evidence has shown that these longer wavelengths produce more biological benefits than shorter ones, since they deliver more healing photons to target tissues.

All five of our chiropractors are certified to use the Class 3 laser safely and effectively. We carefully follow the recommended protocols and take every precaution to help you get the most out of care.

Research-Backed Results

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that LLLT can improve overall wellness by increasing collagen production, speeding up cell metabolism, improving circulation, and boosting your lymphatic and nervous systems. It also increases enzyme response and reduces the duration of inflammation and swelling. Over time, it can help the body repair tissues, bones, and nerves while increasing your pain threshold so you don’t feel as much discomfort day to day.

The Timeline to Recovery

Each session lasts 15 minutes. We generally recommend 10-12 sessions of LLLT alongside regular chiropractic care.
Most clients feel some pain relief during their first appointment. Sessions are comfortable, with no pain or adverse effects.

Unlock Your Body’s Potential Today

Pain is never normal. Put an end to discomfort now by booking your first appointment.


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