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person making a heart shape with their handsLakeview Chiropractic PC Reviews

What Our Port Huron clients Say

At Lakeview Chiropractic PC we love when clients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our client testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I started going to this office last year. The employees are great. They make you feel like they’ve known you for years. Dr. McMath is has helped me deal with my back pain and my shoulder issues. He is pleasant and answers any questions you may have. I would never go anywhere else.

- Diana M.

Came here on my daughter’s recommendation, so glad that I did! I love-love-love Dr J. She is very intuitive, professional & dead-on. Got relief & my confidence after my 1st visit. Also, the staff at the front desk are very professional & helpful & seem genuinely concerned. Feel very comfortable recommending this office.

- Philomena J.

I had my first visit with Dr. Poff yesterday. I have a herniated disc in my neck, and I have been in a lot of pain and facing surgery. I was petrified of going to see a chiropractor as I was afraid they would accidently make my situation worse. Dr. Poff acknowledged my fears, and talked me through every detail of my situation. He took his time, and is confident that with my commitment, he can help me avoid surgery and help my body heal itself. I’m ever so grateful for his time, patience and commitment. Thank You Dr. POFF.

- Mandy S.

I first saw Dr McMath about 6 years ago when I felt something in my lower back “pop” and I could barely move. He worked wonders and I felt better very quickly. Then I stopped going because I live 40 minutes away. Recently my back has gotten progressively sorer and sorer until it hurt just to stand up. I decided the 40-minute drive would be worth it and I was so right! I will admit that I left in tears because I was still in pain but within 3 visits I was feeling so much better. Now I go every other week and it’s worth the drive. The staff is wonderful! Always smiling, always helpful and they make every person that goes there feel like the most important person! I highly recommend going to Lakeview Chiropractic PC.

- Kristen Y.

Suffered for years with an old injury; going to several Chiropractors and Physical Therapy sessions. Dr. Pesta was recommended by a friend who said she has seen marvelous results after treatment. Dr Pesta is professional, caring, and knowledgeable and after a few visits I too have seen marvelous results in my pain reduction and improvement in my mobility. I was able to go bowling with my grandchildren for the first time in years. I recommend Lakeview Chiropractic PC to anyone who is tired of living in pain and wants to enjoy life again.

- Arnie K.

First let me start by saying that Dr. McMath and ALL of his staff are very kind, caring and friendly. Always an upbeat experience. Now let me stress the fact that when Dr. McMath or any of the staff recommends a thoracic foam roller – do it!

I brought one and didn’t use it right away, it sat in my closet, then one day I got it out and used it, and I don’t want to ever miss another day; I noticed a huge improvement in both my range of motion and pain. I went away for Labor Day weekend and forgot it. I could not believe how much I missed that thoracic foam roller.

- Janet R.

I’d heard about this office from a friend & finally called. Wish I would’ve listened years ago. So professional from the front desk (always welcoming & willing to answer any questions) to his assistants (very knowledgeable) to the doctors (I always feel like I’m the most important client). Dr. McMath takes his time & is very thorough. Each adjustment is different, depending on my aches/pains that day. Top notch, state of the art equipment (along with the doc) has helped me recover from my knee injury. I’m an active person, and I am confident that the Doc And his staff are going to help me stay that way.

- Sue W.

I would definitely recommend Dr. McMath and his staff! They were so caring and compassionate when I came into the office with back and hip pain. I found out I had a bulging disc in L5 that was causing weakness in my left foot. I had no idea and just wanted out of pain! After a few days Dr. McMath was able to get me out of pain and within a few weeks I regained strength back in my foot!

- April H.


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